Jan Brož: Redefinice art-deco
opening 6.12. at 6pm 

Free radical (segment). Free radical (line). The Fission (bone flower). Double sunrise (Master-Card). Big Boom. Double sunrise (banana-star). Drapery. The Moon (tennis-green). Abstract composition (nationalisms & tennis green). The Deatil of fabric (Middle-East). Breast. The Moon (black and white). A Hand. Decor (70s). Brown Moon (2010). Composition of primar shapes. Vintage. Undone Task. Six Dots. Open-Air Cinema (in the dark). Abstract composition. Arabic joke on blonde. Untitled. Amphitheater p.I. Foucault's eye (left). Modernist composition (carpets). Amphitheater p.II. Modernist composition (with pioneer). Modernist composition (multicolor). The man with pizza instead of face. Tiny parquet (red). The collage. Tiny parquet (black).

Molecule (don't know which). Association of Czech and Moravian Cricket. Let's use something antique. Felicia (1995). The Dose (1911). The Cup. Anyone (many-moons). The Notes (Sexy Sadie / Karma Police). Look, what You've done! This is now priceless!


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