Lara Portela: Come Tomorrow and Bring Friends So I Can Meet Them
3.4. – 13. 4. 2007


Lara Portela's solo show, Come Tomorrow and Bring Your Friends So I Can Meet Them, from April

Born in Leiria, Portugal, Lara Portela (1982), studied Plastic Arts at the School of Arts and Design, Caldas da Rainha, between 2001 and 2006. In 1999 had the first contact with Theatre, taking part in two performances, and realised her interest in old objects. In 2005 went as an Erasmus student to Antalya, Turkey, where did develop a close relation with photography and the possibilities of series. Since then is structuring her work around the notion of objects and their usage, collecting, organizing, storing, bringing together the idea of series and the relation chaos/order, public/private, while combining imagery from a wide variety of sources.

Actions/ exhibitions: Photo-Installation „The Office", ESAD's Final Exhibition, Caldas da Rainha (2006), Photo- Instalation „Kitchen's Window", Olbia's Gallery, Antalya (2005), Photo-Instalation „Light-box", Antalya Faculty of Fine Arts, Antalya (2005), Performance / Installation „We are different", "Caldas Late Night" (CLN) Festival, ESAD, Caldas da Rainha (2004), Performance „203g Sem Conteúdo", ESAD's Gallery, Caldas da Rainha (2004), "Toolbox", Collective exhibition, ESAD's Gallery, Caldas da Rainha, (2003), Instalation "81 kg", "Caldas Late Night" (CLN) Festival, Republica Square, Caldas da Rainha (2003), Performance „The Bench", "Caldas Late Night" (CLN), Rua das Montras, Caldas da Rainha (2003).

In „Come Tomorrow and Bring Your Friends So I Can Meet Them" will be displayed the cards with names of everybody who Lara have met during her stay in Prague. At the same time the gallery will work as an open studio where the artist will be working about the names and the cards while waiting for new meetings and new names in cards.

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