Valentýna Janů: Expectations-Reality Gap
28. 6 – 30. 7. 2017
opening: 27. 6. 2017 fron 6pm

curated by: Václav Janoščík

When I turn around, I keep seeing the horizon. It frames my experience and gives shape to the world as I perceive it. That is also why it was difficult to understand that the Earth is a sphere; accepting the image that there is something else behind the horizon goes against our intuition.

Reality used to be a friend of mine

At the same time, the horizon also has the dimension of time. It is as if the future becomes reality on the horizon of our expectations. Does it surprise us or, on the contrary, does it merely repeat what we are used to?  

Now ask me about the future.

The horizon then becomes a current problem for several reasons. Due to the speed of our means of transportation, but even more so due to the practically endless speed of the flow of information and money, the horizon fades away, it becomes interchangeable and is replaced by other horizons of networks and financial flows.

Please don't ask me cause I don't know why,
Reality used to be a friend of mine

Time of platforms, boundaries and networks is approaching. Informational, economical and affectional planes interfere with the geographical, social, as well as  personal ones. A mass of other levels and layers is forcing itself between me and my horizon.

What is real, a positive plane
Reality and life are not the same

My ability to act, or simply just be someone, and on the other side the conditions of my world, continue to increasingly recede. The more we know about ecological catastrophes, global inequality and many other crises and problems, the lesser our possibilities to do something about these seem to be. 

What you want me to do?
Knowing any time this world could go poof

Creating art doesn’t actually mean anything else than searching for new horizons; new, although temporary, connecting lines and perspectives. To create, means to balance between sense and nonsense, to sketch borders and sections that connect.

Reality used to be a friend of mine


Václav Janoščík

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