In Saček Veritas: Flashback
6/20 – 7/22/2018
opening: 6/19/2018

curator: Adam Vrbka

What exactly does Flashback mean? According to Brett Gordon[1], it is a dangerous process caused by insufficient oxygen pressure in a welding hose. As a result of low pressure the flame penetrates back to the pressure vessel, which can cause an explosion and potentially death of the operator.

It is precisely this potential explosion that is significant for the exhibition Flashback of the group In Saček Veritas.

Whether the installation refers to the past only through repetitive use of materials, which the art works are made of or for another reason, the mentioned potential explosion and energy that is released can lead to absolute destruction of the surroundings when wrong directions are applied. That is exactly the moment that the group is inclined to and in which it often appears.

Therefore, even in the case of the exhibition in Gallery Jelení we cannot speak about an installation of art objects but an installation of artefacts. The most essential parts always take place live and in a short moment in the presence of the authors. It may be a moment in the opening, during a performance or at a moment of seeming absence of any movement of the group.

All the authors bring topics from their personal lives, their own views on specific problems and proposed solutions into the collective work. And just like their age continues to change, as they gain experiences and experience new and new sensations, the form of their artistic expression is perfected. Sometimes it is just an imaginary game of hide and seek, or indirect references to old forms and ideals. And just like the group is constantly developing, so is the performative exhibition Flashback. It is an exhibition with practically unclear purpose and perhaps even with untold manipulation of the viewer’s mind.

The artistic group In Saček Veritas originated in November 2012 in Ostrava, primarily made up of students from the Department of Intermedia at the University of Ostrava, as a liberal group of artists who create collective performances and object installations at various festivals and events in Central Europe.

One of their performance cycles that are continuously developing is the series Zlatá mládež (Golden Youth) which inherently includes the use of golden thermo foil.

Over time the group In Saček Veritas has developed clear and permanent form with respect to its members. The pivotal personalities of the group are graduates of the University of Ostrava and of the Academy of Applied Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague including Tomáš Graběc, Krystýna Kašparová, Ondřej Marhold, František Mucha and Václav Voleský.

[1] Searched: 16/6/2018

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